Affordable Therapy Solutions

Impact Stories

  • I came in as a vendor and left as a member. Authentic. Transparent. Affordable.

  • I lost my son to gun violence. I thank no one but God and the Cultura Health team for helping me through this journey. 

  • I worked with Cultura Health staff on a project that will launch soon. The vision and direction that the organization is going will really shock the community. However, what you won't find online (until now) is that every employee hired at Cultura Health has to complete Grief Recovery and Care Counseling from an outside provider within 90 days of employment. Leadership firmly believes in healing from our traumas before caring for others, so caregivers can only see members once the programs are completed.

  • More than therapy, but an experience.

  • Shoutout to the REACH and YN team. My family went through a hard time after my divorce. Cultura Health was not only there for me but my entire household.