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About Us

About Us

Cultura Health is a nonprofit health & human services organization with an emphasis on promoting wellness in underserved communities. Striving for quality care for all, we exist to provide comprehensive education, healthcare, mental health, social, behavioral, and residential care. 

As we grow and build our new campus in Houston, TX, our current focus is primarily on mental health treatment. Our goal is to introduce contemporary therapeutic services from authentic providers who genuinely care about you without sacrificing who we are as individuals.

Speak to us today and start your journey to mental health and wellness.

The Professionals

Cultura Health is a registered group private practice inspired by healthcare equity and the genuine needs of our members. We believe in authenticity, in which you feel comfortable being yourself and receptive to the process of obtaining the care you need. We deliver an impressive range of support systems, connections to other resources, and a constant stream of care and dedication tailored to your interests. At Cultura Health, we make it our mission for you to feel comfortable and have easy access to our services. Whether you wish to meet us in our office or you're seeking an unconventional approach, we cater to both!

We believe in the power, motivation, and support of mental healthcare. To ensure you experience these benefits, our authentic and expert providers offer specialized therapy to all people across markets, regardless of circumstance. We encourage those who feel therapy is a “waste of time” to contact us and to see for yourself whether it is a valuable investment into your happiness and balance.

Our professional providers take pride in a high standard of professionalism while also revealing our individuality. We come from all walks of life and believe in providing a modest, relatable experience. We do not fear being ourselves because we hope that it encourages you to be yourself too.

Schedule your appointment today because WE are HERE for YOU.

The Humans

Cultura is the Spanish word for Culture.  Striving for quality care for all, our Founder, Austin Benamon, developed Cultura Health to bridge the health and human services gap between disadvantaged and affluent communities – with an emphasis on historically marginalized communities.

Having experienced firsthand the challenges of being underserved, Austin is committed to rectifying this issue. He was raised in several group homes, foster homes, and behavioral health facilities while experiencing poverty, trauma, anxiety, stress, and anger. These experiences inspired Mr. Benamon to serve all communities and highlight the social inequality and political injustice that marginalized groups often face. His goal is to conquer these injustices and promote equity, which has become his life's work. 

Mr. Benamon’s vision for Cultura Health directly represents his dedication to this cause and ensuring that all people, no matter their background or resources, can get the care they need. Because of this, Cultura Health prides itself on being the spark that will eventually change health and human services worldwide – starting with mental health.

“A lot of people think the system is too big to change but guess what? We are the system. And we need change. So, tell me what you need, what your community needs – and let’s all work together.”

- Austin Benamon, MHP