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MixdTherapy by Cultura Health

MixdTherapy by Cultura Health


Momma always said "a drunk mind speaks a sober heart!" While we won't be getting drunk on the show (or ever), we will enjoy a cocktail (or two), while diving deep into topics that promote healing, person, and professional development. 

Do you remember the rug that you or your family used to sweep your traumatic experiences under? Get ready to peel it back and finally be heard! From generation curses and childhood traumas, to financial literacy and relationship tips, we'll uncover all of that and more! So grab you favorite beverage and join us on the next episode of MixdTherapy! 

DISCLAIMER: While our hosts may or may not be licensed or qualified mental health professionals (QMHP), all hosts are encouraged to speak from experience rather than intellectual pursuit – regardless or their designation. MixdTherapy does NOT encourage any type of substance abuse and ask our audience to please drink responsibility. Please contact us if you or anyone you know is suffering from a substance use disorder.


Catch us each and every Wednesday at 9/8pm cst only Youtube.

Catch the after show, MixdTherapy Uncensored each and every Wednesday at 10/9pm cst on Facebook & Instagram.


  • S1 E1 • Pain, Purpose, & Passion
  • S1 E2 • Relational Intelligence
  • S1 E3 • Ghosting (Fear of Commitment)

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